Monday, December 20, 2010

My Voki

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

YouTube Should I Or Not

RĂ©mi Gallard is a French football trickster, and prankster. He has gained lots of attention in the French media, by performing soccer tricks, and later putting prank videos on you tube. He disguised himself as a football player, in the 2002 Coup De France final match. He went down on the field and took part in the winner celebrations, and even shook the hand of the French president. After he quit his job he began having fun and creating videos. He started displaying some of his soccer skills by doing trick shots, and later went into pranks like the kangaroo video . He has appeared at sports events and has also been on a few game shows. He gets caught by the police a lot. Then he`s bailed and keeps going. He has lots of guts to do some of the stuff he does. The only reason people don`t beat him after he does something, is because he`s quite famous in French media, but sometimes he dresses in costumes, and sometimes it hides his face, so sometimes people dont know who he is till after. One thing is he gets a lot of support from his friends and viewers, some videos have millions of viewers, In total he has 523 million views. So to me I dont think he really regrets it because he just keeps going.[like the energizer bunny] Because of all the support he doesn`t feel bad about it because it makes so many people laugh. Gaillard's motto is "C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui" in translation: "It's by doing whatever that you become whoever". So after that he is now known as a prankster all over the world because of the videos. He calls himself a clown and he`s good at it so he gets money and supporters so he doesn`t really feel bad about now. And to me I dont think he`ll be to sorry about it in 10 years.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Term and Goals For The Year

Two things I have learned this year is-
  1. In math I learned about Integers and how to add and subtract them.
  2. And in social we did projects on a country so I learned a lot about Germany
Two things I am proud of is-
  1. My social project with my brochure and flag that we had to quilt.
  2. The sheets we did while doing Integers because we were doing 2-3 class each with 30 questions.
Two goals for the next term-
  1. To do my homework when I get and not wait till the last minute,to do this when I get homework I will do it at home right after school or supper that night even if it isnt due for two days.
  2. To study for my tests better by taking my books home making sure things are all together and making sure I study and to do start studying a week before the test each night for 20 min.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The End of Combining

This week we finally finished combining. This year I drove the combine by myself, Grandpa had helped me and I drove it all alone on the first day. I drove the New Holland CX840 and my Dad drove the Case 2388. We started at 11:00 on Sunday morning and we went for 15 hours straight, it was a long day. I never came out till 12:30 and then we finished one piece of 40 acres and then 80 acres that was farther North. This crop up there was our best crop of wheat we had it ran close to 50 or 60 bushel an acre. Then we had to move homeright in front of our yard. this crop was our worst crop because it had been hailed and then there was little bit of goose damage. This was the worst field for our trucker because he is right across from the yard so he barely has to haul but when he was up north he barely made it back in time. When we finished combining it was 3:00 int he morning Monday. We were tired and we went up to my grandmas house. An hour later it started to rain. The rain never lasted long but it dampened everything down. The next afternoon I had to bail the stuff in front of our house. I made around 40 round bales and then I wanted some square bales to use for 4-H. After we made the square bales I had to start hauling them with the truck. There was 45 bales and I hauled each one and had to stack it in the barn.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday we started combining. We have been swathing for awhile, because I felt like it's been too wet to combine. We started with canola. I got to drive the combine by myself for the first time. I drove before with my grandpa in the combine but last night my grandpa had to scare geese off the other unharvested fields. We have two combines: one Case 2388 and a New Holland CX 840. I drive the New Holland. To test if I was ready, Grandpa made me dump the combine into the truck still moving. After I did this, he left me. While Grandpa was gone, the bin was full so my dad and the trucker had to stop so they could move. I was harvesting by myself and filled the combine and had to sit and wait for the truck to come.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Week

It was raining this morning and the forecast is for rain and cold for the rest of the week. On Saturday we started swathing with the pulltype swathers. We have one pusher swather that is a Hesston 8100. This week at our school we have people from La Tabatiere, Quebec. They are on an exchange fom there. This week they are at our school doing activities, and 2 weeks fom now our students will go there. The ages that are there are gr.9-12. Today they went on a trip to a cattle farm and to Vetern to the cattle market there. The wet weather isn't good for the harvest; crops are already a couple weeks behind and the rain just keeps pushing them back. Some people have started combining early crops but the major crops like wheat, and durum aren't ready. Some barley is ready. With the setback on harvest, the Quebec kids might not see lots of harvesting.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Start Of School Year Questions

1.What do I want to learn in Gr.7 ?

I want to learn to play the guitar better with Mr.W.

2.Why do I go to school ?

I go to School so I can learn new things and socialize with other people.

3.What can I do to be a better student?

I can hand in projects on time give it all my effort.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Summer So Far

Summer holidays are half over and we haven't done much. We went to the Sask. Landing for nine days during the second week of July. We had the large antique tractor sale at Eston on the second of July and it rained all afternoon when the tractors sold but quite during the last half hour. The dirt in that yard was sticky and stuck to everything. The auction trailers were a mess. At the lake my moms two sisters where down there we went fishing and tubing. There was only three nice days while we were down there. After that there was 3 more sales to do. One on the first Monday we got back and then the last sale was yesterday. Yesterday was Kobe's that sale was only eight miles from where we live. Today I did nothing I've been trying to keep up with mowing but the mower has to be cleaned because it is missing and leaving strips. The first week of August we are going camping at Meeting Lake. Last Saturday we started haying and when we get back from the lake we should be baling. After that we must move all the haying equipment home and get ready to silage. The Silager is in consort being worked on. After silaging I don't know what well be doing for around 2 weeks then we might start swathing for harvest staring with canola. By then school will be starting and summer is over.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Social Issues Presentation

Here is a great way to use old dictionarys or encylopedias. You could evan make an entire bookshelf out of them. Im not sure how you could make them but you could all come up with a way

Friday, June 4, 2010


On Wed was the Kerrobert 4-H show and sale. My club is Bea Bank Beef 4-H club. We are tied for largest club in our region with Kerrobert Multiple. We won grand champion steer, grand aggrat showmanship, and best of five steers. We also won first and third in both junior grooming groups of ages 9-10 and 11-12. My dad was the auctioneer that sold all the steers. The show is a two day deal. We started on June 1st and the sale was on June 2. On the first we had the weigh in where all the steers are weighed, we also did judging where all the members have to judge 4 steers. On the 2 we had all the shows. Heifers showed in the morning along with all the there female classes. Steers showed in the afternoon. After the show my dad drove the truck in and we had the sale. That was my hectic 4-h week.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Adventures Of Deske

Once upon a time there was a boy named Deske. He is ten years old and a peasant in the early 1400s. He always dreamed of owning his own castle and being a brave soldier. He dreamed of this when is Dad took him to the castle when he was only six years old.

One day in June, Deske decided he was going to build a castle. He started taking walks through the forest to find a place where he could build a castle. He knew he was going to have to squat on the lords land to do this. After a while he found some land where he began cutting down trees.
After two months of cutting down trees, Deske had enough land cleared. He used the trees to make a wall around his stolen land. Then he found a week later an old unused quarry where he could get bricks to build with.
After 10 years, when Deske was 20, he had built a small building with 2 floors and a basement. In total there were 10 rooms. The trees he had cut down were used as a wall around the castle. He had also dug a moat around the outside of the fence and it had filled with water. After a few months of living in the castle, Deske wanted to do something else.
He decided he was going to be a foot soldier in the French England 100 years war. To do so, Deske went to the lord’s castle and sighed up to be a foot soldier. He started practicing by himself at his castle shooting arrows and sword and pike fighting. After 2 months Deske got a message. There was a hint of war between 2 kingdoms and Deske’s kingdom was an ally with the larger kingdom. So Deske was called to arms.

Two weeks after he was a soldier war broke out. Deske was sent to the heart of the battle. In the first week, Deske’s army had driven the enemy back to their first home city. They were ready to start besieging the town.
Deske was a great fighter and was promoted two times in the first month. After 4 months of war, Deske was not fighting on the front but a commander in charge of his own army.
Deske was in charge of his men in the final days of the war. It lasted another two more months before Deske won. When they won, they had a feast.

During the feast, Deske sat at the head of the table with the king. All of Deske’s dreams had come true. He was an important and respected person. He owned his own castle. Deske was very proud of himself.

The king decided to let Deske live in the castle with him. So Deske moved all his stuff from his castle to the big castle. He gave his castle to some kids from the village and went to the castle. He became commander of the army and built up the kingdoms armies until they were fourth largest in Europe.

The end
By, Clay

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day

Earth day is tomorrow and because our teacher is gone tomorrow we did a no paper day. To do this we can't use any new paper. We can use paper that is already written on. Today is also BOX day. We have finished most of the jobs and the Grade 8's have left during recess for badminton in Unity. I like the paperless day cause we did everything on the computer and we mainly did what we want.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Weather

The weather here is not nice. It is raining, snowing and blowing. The storm last Friday was horrible. We don't know how many calves might have died in the storm because they are buried under snow banks. We have watched the storm on the internet at school today. Box Day is today there isn't alot of stuff to do but it will take a full afternoon.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adopton Option

My opinion on open adoptions is that they are very usefull in letting the adopting parents know more about the children. The adopters can know about diseases and sicknesses the child may have had. The parents can meet each other if they please. When the parents meet it lets them express their feelings and talk about the child. The child can know about the birth parents if they want and the parents will allow them to meet.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is my RAFT story I wrote in ELA WWS. Hope you like it

The Chef of Hitler

The chef was annoyed the food was very poor quality in his kitchen. He was disguising the smell and taste of rotting foods with herbs and spices. He hated having to cook with the horrible food that food that came in.

All the food he got had been smuggled into the fortress in secret ration packs. They couldn't order good food because the attacking armies stole the food from the transporters and ate it themselves.

Being Hitler’s private chef was not easy but he still had to try and make the best meals he could. The Fuhrer new the war was ending soon. The chef had heard Hitler one night talking to his General saying what would happen if the attacking armies entered the fortress and bunkers under Berlin. Before he could hear more there was a loud noise and the chef went to investigate before he could hear the rest of Hitler’s story.

The dinner party was to start in 2 hours. The chef went to his kitchen and began getting ready to cook. Soon he heard the Generals and Commanders enter the large dining hall. He looked through the small windows and saw the room wasn’t close to half full.

Before the war had started Hitler held a dinner party and the room had been overflowing with Generals and Commanders of the army. But the chef thought and Germany had lost a lot of men in the war and the less men there are the fewer generals needed to control them and give commands.

The meal started and everyone started eating but mostly they just picked away at their food. After 30mins of picking Hitler stood up and started to talk in his big booming voice. Instead of his usual encouragement he started to talk of the end of his Reich.

He said that the German army had at the most 10
Days of fighting before the U.S., Russian, British, and Canadian armies blew down the walls of Berlin Germany. Hitler looked at his head commander and told him that when the first foreign soldier entered the fortress that he must shoot Hitler and his servants and burn their bodies to ashes.

The chef was amazed the greatest man he knew was just going to have someone kill him when the attackers entered. Then he thought over Hitler’s words “shoot me and my two servants”, then it hit him he was one of the two servants this was probably the last dinner party he would ever cook. The second servant was the Butler who stood at the door. Hitler was taking his servants to the grave.
I must get out of here he thought, but how will I get out it will be impossible to get out and not be shot. The only way to maybe get out was to go into Hitler’s room and steal the plans to the underneath of the city. He knew there were secret tunnels and passages underneath Berlin. If he got out he could try and sneak into a civilian bunker and hide if he couldn’t get in he would be shot by the red army. But at least he won’t die with Hitler.

The next day Hitler went to the office to talk about the battle. The chef headed for Hitler’s room was he kept the maps. The maps where piled on a shelf in the corner. He needed the map of the secret tunnels which the secret service was using to try and escape from the attackers. He pulled all the maps out of the shelf and counted them there were 50 maps he had a 2% chance of picking the right one. He knew the map would be a larger one so he ruled out the 10 smaller maps; there were 2 huge maps that the chef knew were plans for Germania. He still had 38 maps to choose from so he looked if they had any markings or writing on them that said what they are. He saw that 20 of them said bunker or battle plans so he ruled out 20 more. Now he had only 18 to choose from he heard someone coming down the hall he quickly put all the other maps back on the shelf. He did eenie meenie minei mo on the maps and grabbed the 2 he landed on. He put the others back and left.

Once he was in the kitchen by himself he opened the maps. The first map was of the wolfs lair Hitler’s destroyed base and barracks in Poland close to the Russian border. The second map was of the Nazi escape route. Now he had to form a plan to get out if he waits to long he will die with Hitler. He decides that tomorrow night he will runaway and hopefully not be shot by the red army. If he comes out and it is the US army he will have a better chance of surviving. After one hour of studying the map he knew he would come out at the US haled suburbs.

The chef spent the entire day sneaking food and equipment to his room; he also took a small handgun. After dinner that night he thought that in 24 hours I shall be hopefully running along the Nazi escape route. Then there was a loud bang and the roof started to crumble. Sirens sounded as the RAF launched a bombing on the centre of Berlin. People started running to wards the entrances to the bunkers.

Once in the bunker the chef was no where near Hitler he couldn't be shot now only if they dragged him to Hitler. After two days of hiding they finally got the small radio working. They then heard an urgent broadcast the Fuhrer was dead on April 30, 1945 the great leader of the third Reich was dead. After the broadcast they played a piece of Hitler’s favorite music. Now the Chef had nothing to worry about but the attackers. In 2 days he found out that the German Wehrmacht had surrendered. The next day the people started coming out of the bunkers and saw the destroyed Berlin most helped the other armies destroy the last of the Nazi propaganda. The Chef was one of the few Nazis still living and he kept it to himself.


Monday, March 22, 2010

ELA World War 2 Presentation

This is my presentation on German Flak Towers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Number The Stars

In reading class we're reading Number The Stars by Lois Lowry. We only have 6 chapters left in the book. We have liked the book so far. We are in the middle of Chapter Eleven and they have opened a casket and there was no body in it just coats and blankets. The reason we are reading this book is to learn our history and all the cruel things that have happened so we don't repeat it ourselves.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010


On Saturday our 4-H club went bowling in Kindersley for over 2 hours. After that we went to Brothers restaurant and ate pizza. After dinner we had a meeting and got our record books. I think it is very sad to see Kindersley's rink burnt to the ground.