Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Term and Goals For The Year

Two things I have learned this year is-
  1. In math I learned about Integers and how to add and subtract them.
  2. And in social we did projects on a country so I learned a lot about Germany
Two things I am proud of is-
  1. My social project with my brochure and flag that we had to quilt.
  2. The sheets we did while doing Integers because we were doing 2-3 class each with 30 questions.
Two goals for the next term-
  1. To do my homework when I get and not wait till the last minute,to do this when I get homework I will do it at home right after school or supper that night even if it isnt due for two days.
  2. To study for my tests better by taking my books home making sure things are all together and making sure I study and to do start studying a week before the test each night for 20 min.

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