Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday we started combining. We have been swathing for awhile, because I felt like it's been too wet to combine. We started with canola. I got to drive the combine by myself for the first time. I drove before with my grandpa in the combine but last night my grandpa had to scare geese off the other unharvested fields. We have two combines: one Case 2388 and a New Holland CX 840. I drive the New Holland. To test if I was ready, Grandpa made me dump the combine into the truck still moving. After I did this, he left me. While Grandpa was gone, the bin was full so my dad and the trucker had to stop so they could move. I was harvesting by myself and filled the combine and had to sit and wait for the truck to come.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Week

It was raining this morning and the forecast is for rain and cold for the rest of the week. On Saturday we started swathing with the pulltype swathers. We have one pusher swather that is a Hesston 8100. This week at our school we have people from La Tabatiere, Quebec. They are on an exchange fom there. This week they are at our school doing activities, and 2 weeks fom now our students will go there. The ages that are there are gr.9-12. Today they went on a trip to a cattle farm and to Vetern to the cattle market there. The wet weather isn't good for the harvest; crops are already a couple weeks behind and the rain just keeps pushing them back. Some people have started combining early crops but the major crops like wheat, and durum aren't ready. Some barley is ready. With the setback on harvest, the Quebec kids might not see lots of harvesting.