Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Summer So Far

Summer holidays are half over and we haven't done much. We went to the Sask. Landing for nine days during the second week of July. We had the large antique tractor sale at Eston on the second of July and it rained all afternoon when the tractors sold but quite during the last half hour. The dirt in that yard was sticky and stuck to everything. The auction trailers were a mess. At the lake my moms two sisters where down there we went fishing and tubing. There was only three nice days while we were down there. After that there was 3 more sales to do. One on the first Monday we got back and then the last sale was yesterday. Yesterday was Kobe's that sale was only eight miles from where we live. Today I did nothing I've been trying to keep up with mowing but the mower has to be cleaned because it is missing and leaving strips. The first week of August we are going camping at Meeting Lake. Last Saturday we started haying and when we get back from the lake we should be baling. After that we must move all the haying equipment home and get ready to silage. The Silager is in consort being worked on. After silaging I don't know what well be doing for around 2 weeks then we might start swathing for harvest staring with canola. By then school will be starting and summer is over.

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  1. Well you may think you haven't done much, but it sounds like a lot to me. We are off to Loon Lake tomorrow. Can't wait. And of course school will be here before we know it. Lots of memories to make yet though. Hopefully, we'll see you at the Redneck Games. That will be fun too. Enjoy your August.