Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Adventures Of Deske

Once upon a time there was a boy named Deske. He is ten years old and a peasant in the early 1400s. He always dreamed of owning his own castle and being a brave soldier. He dreamed of this when is Dad took him to the castle when he was only six years old.

One day in June, Deske decided he was going to build a castle. He started taking walks through the forest to find a place where he could build a castle. He knew he was going to have to squat on the lords land to do this. After a while he found some land where he began cutting down trees.
After two months of cutting down trees, Deske had enough land cleared. He used the trees to make a wall around his stolen land. Then he found a week later an old unused quarry where he could get bricks to build with.
After 10 years, when Deske was 20, he had built a small building with 2 floors and a basement. In total there were 10 rooms. The trees he had cut down were used as a wall around the castle. He had also dug a moat around the outside of the fence and it had filled with water. After a few months of living in the castle, Deske wanted to do something else.
He decided he was going to be a foot soldier in the French England 100 years war. To do so, Deske went to the lord’s castle and sighed up to be a foot soldier. He started practicing by himself at his castle shooting arrows and sword and pike fighting. After 2 months Deske got a message. There was a hint of war between 2 kingdoms and Deske’s kingdom was an ally with the larger kingdom. So Deske was called to arms.

Two weeks after he was a soldier war broke out. Deske was sent to the heart of the battle. In the first week, Deske’s army had driven the enemy back to their first home city. They were ready to start besieging the town.
Deske was a great fighter and was promoted two times in the first month. After 4 months of war, Deske was not fighting on the front but a commander in charge of his own army.
Deske was in charge of his men in the final days of the war. It lasted another two more months before Deske won. When they won, they had a feast.

During the feast, Deske sat at the head of the table with the king. All of Deske’s dreams had come true. He was an important and respected person. He owned his own castle. Deske was very proud of himself.

The king decided to let Deske live in the castle with him. So Deske moved all his stuff from his castle to the big castle. He gave his castle to some kids from the village and went to the castle. He became commander of the army and built up the kingdoms armies until they were fourth largest in Europe.

The end
By, Clay

Friday, May 14, 2010