Monday, April 18, 2011

My Ten in Ten

Well my teacher told me to do a ten in ten. She got this idea from here and did one herself. So here is my ten in ten.

The animals from the Book Fair which happens every year in November.
Some of the Grade 5 and 6's reading in the newly painted library.
The casts for our dinner theater which happened awhile ago
We had 2 plays and I was in "A Date for Bobby Sox".
One of our schools many painted ceiling tiles and this one is just awesome.
This is a big mural painted along the balcony above the gym.
It was painted in 2005 and depicts Saskatchewan's timeline in 100 years.

This is the total for how much money we raised for
Jump Rope for heart.

The Broken clock cause it is really 2:40pm

The team standings in our school and right now Lugnuts is winning
YA!! cause its my team.

The Gr 1 and 2 did stories on Bunnies.

Other classes setting up for our Art Show Tonight