Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Monday, December 12, 2011

The Helmet

This summer at an antique auction, there was a German helmet from one of the World Wars. I really like it so when it was put on the table, I bought it very cheap for $5. To get the helmet I also got 2 old broken kerosene lamps. When I got the helmet home I read up on how to restore them, and found out the preparation techniques. I followed the one and washed the helmet, and sanded the shell to smooth it out. Then I dried it and later put a coat of sealant over it. Then while I was working on it I found the serial number, when I researched them they just told the place of manufacturing and size. My helmet was a size 62, and made in the Eisen-Huttenwerke in Thale Germany It was also a WWI helmets model M-16. This helmet was even more of a collectible than I thought. I don't know if the full serial number was there or if that was it. Now I haven't done much with my helmet but I plan to paint it an early version of the Olive Drab. It never came with any of the interior or extra parts, the only bonus I had was the original lining rivets were still there. The Only damage my helmet has, is small amounts of rust damage along with a few dents, the worst scar is a hole that a piece of shrapnel tore in the top of the head. So as far as I know the last soldier who wore my helmet in battle, was killed wearing it on the battlefields of Europe. The man who's sale I bought it form says his uncle had brought it back from when he fought in the Canadian army in Europe. I am maybe planning on ordering a reproduction of the liner and chin strap for the helmet to complete it. So overall I hope to have a completely restored helmet.