Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The IT Summit

Well this On Monday and Tuesday this week our teacher went to an IT summit in Saskatoon. She had two days of presentations and learned lots. So she came back today and has been telling us all about the things she's learned. The best thing of all she won a Black Berry Playbook. It is very cool and we have been all learning about it. The longer it sits in this class room the more stuff we find out it can do. So we just found out that it has games on it, and it also has a Skype thing for Black Berry's. Now we just found out it has radio on it, good thing its loud so we can all hear it YA. Well with all the new things we stop working and go and see the new stuff our teacher has to shows us.
Well hopefully we will learn something else.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Canadian Government

The Canadian Federal election was held on May 2, 2011. The election was held because there was a vote of non confidence in the government. The party leaders started campaigning across the country trying to get people's vote. There was 308 seats to win in the House of Commons. If you receive 155 seats you have a majority government and can pass almost anything you like. When the election was held these were the results: Conservatives won 167 seats. They won the election and also gained a majority government. The NDP won 102 seats, this is the first time for a long time that the NDP is the official opposition of government. Liberals won 34 seats. They lost 43 seats in the election and is the first time they haven't been the opposition. The Bloc won 4 seats and lost most of their seats in the election, they lost a total of 43. Green won 1 seat, this is the first seat they have gained for a longtime. After the Election, the Bloc leader and the Liberal leader have said they will step down. For now, there shouldn't be another election for a awhile.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Auction Sales

Well I work in our family auction company. I am now a ringman and have helped at every sale this April. We had very few sales but everything sold very well. My job consists of hauling sale sheets to the office from the sound truck. Then after small items, I help the buyers haul their merchandise to their vehicle. We have more sales in June. Then we will have maybe two in July and one in August. I have only skipped one day of school and in June I might have to skip three i'm so lucky.