Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday we started combining. We have been swathing for awhile, because I felt like it's been too wet to combine. We started with canola. I got to drive the combine by myself for the first time. I drove before with my grandpa in the combine but last night my grandpa had to scare geese off the other unharvested fields. We have two combines: one Case 2388 and a New Holland CX 840. I drive the New Holland. To test if I was ready, Grandpa made me dump the combine into the truck still moving. After I did this, he left me. While Grandpa was gone, the bin was full so my dad and the trucker had to stop so they could move. I was harvesting by myself and filled the combine and had to sit and wait for the truck to come.

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  1. Good for you. I am sure they were very happy to have you working. I hope you're finished this job soon.