Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PEN Acronym

The PEN a device so powerful it needs an acronym for a name. PEN stands for Personal Encryption Nominal remember this device is a very powerful tool. This item works so well it is more popular than the pencil. The only advantage pencil hold over PEN is that it can be erased more easily. The PEN has a feature which makes it completely independent from other sources to run.  The only power PEN needs is the steady movement of your hand to keep it running perfectly. The only flaw of pen is that after continuous use it will eventually run out of writing fluid. If this problem happens to you don’t worry you could reach into your pencil case and bring out a PEN. The other option if you don’t have another PEN on hand walk on over to your nearest store and they should have one for less than a dollar. PEN can be easily applied to a blank BOOK. If these objects are combined and used rightly you can easily create your own BOOK. PEN does not tire after hours of work the only one that might be tired is your hand. PEN doesn’t overheat after work but will be warm from your hand. The most amazing feature PEN has is that while you’re writing it is automatically saving your work as every letter is written. After it is saved on paper the person must make sure he can find the paper later. Now after reading this amazing story about PEN race on down to your nearest dollar store and buy a PEN for around 1 dollar! That is one amazing price.

Thank You

Monday, November 7, 2011

The International 400

This week we started the final stages in restoring our old International 400. This tractor was the first one my Grandpa had ever bought. It was also the first purchase he made without his Dad watching. Now after it not running for over 15 years we decided to get it going again. Grandpa and Dad pulled it out of the weeds and moved it beside the shop. Then it sat and was worked on a bit for 2 weeks. Then we got it going. While I was at school Grandpa put the carburetor back together and got it back in place. When I got home he came and got me. My job was to run the key and choke to get it going while he primed it. On our second try it come to life. It coughed a bit then was running perfectly then we shut it off. Now that it was running we put in antifreeze and hydraulic oil. With everything running we tried to drive it, well it worked well and we drove it across the yard. Now it is once again sitting in front of the shop. The next job is to take the bucket off and then paint it a nice red. 

This is the final look of what our tractor will look like.