Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The End of Combining

This week we finally finished combining. This year I drove the combine by myself, Grandpa had helped me and I drove it all alone on the first day. I drove the New Holland CX840 and my Dad drove the Case 2388. We started at 11:00 on Sunday morning and we went for 15 hours straight, it was a long day. I never came out till 12:30 and then we finished one piece of 40 acres and then 80 acres that was farther North. This crop up there was our best crop of wheat we had it ran close to 50 or 60 bushel an acre. Then we had to move homeright in front of our yard. this crop was our worst crop because it had been hailed and then there was little bit of goose damage. This was the worst field for our trucker because he is right across from the yard so he barely has to haul but when he was up north he barely made it back in time. When we finished combining it was 3:00 int he morning Monday. We were tired and we went up to my grandmas house. An hour later it started to rain. The rain never lasted long but it dampened everything down. The next afternoon I had to bail the stuff in front of our house. I made around 40 round bales and then I wanted some square bales to use for 4-H. After we made the square bales I had to start hauling them with the truck. There was 45 bales and I hauled each one and had to stack it in the barn.