Monday, October 17, 2011

What Time?

For writing prompts today this is the one I have chosen. "If you were born in another time, what would you choose and why?" So I have chosen that it would be cool to have been born in the 1920's. I choose this time because it was a great time in History and you would see some of the greatest feats and ideas come to life. I would mainly like to see this time because in 20 years it would be the second World War. I would be old enough to remember what happened throughout the six years of war. Plus if I wanted to I could join the army and fight in Europe. The most amazing thing would be seeing the rising power of Hitlers Germany and the invasions that went on early in the war. Even before the war I could witness the great depression and watch every country crawl back out to be a superpower or die. So that is the time I would like to be born in.

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