Thursday, October 20, 2011

We were shown a website with writing prompts and Here is mine.
One morning while I was lying in bed I heard a bang on my window so I got up to investigate. As I looked down there was a pigeon I stared at it because it didn't seem normal. Then I realized it was a metal bird I picked it up and it was warm because it had just flown here. This was a bird that was robotic but why did it come here I wondered. Then it started to speak I was to amazed to really listen. After it played it asked if i wanted to play it again, this time I listened. It said to me "You have been chosen by our leader to join him and his empire in their plans to dominate the world, If you agree a teleport will appear and if you dont I will be forced to kill you. Have you made your choice yet?". I just stood there thinking what is going on there where is this country should I risk my life and join them or destroy the bird and warn the world.Well I thought hard then asked the bird if he could answer a question. He said "Yes I can answer  but only one". The question i had though of was what country has requested me. His reply " The great country of Gerhanis", well I thought cant hurt to try cause this country is somewhere in the Middle East. Well I told the bird  would go so away we went. How did we get there well this bird grew in size to the size of a small airplane. We traveled all the way to Gerhanis in less than 2 hours. When we arrived I was fitted into a Uniform of their army I checked my shoulders and I was he rank of Field Marshall. I was shown toward the grand entrance of a large palace I could see troops off in the distance practicing their training with regular rifles. As I entered the palace a wave of cool air came rushing towards me as I walked down the grand halls. I could here keys on computers clicking and people talking as I walked farther into the building it kept getting quieter. As it got quieter it got more elegant I could realize the leader was female. Then we turned a corner into a grand hall and sitting at the desk was their leader. She was looked very formal and seemed quite in charge but I thought she wouldn't be supreme leader forever. She looked very young as I walked closer, the name on her desk read " Queen Mrs.Zunti" well I said hello then she said remember me. I thought years back to my school days and the EA in my class room was Mrs.Zunti. Then it hit me she was now a ruler of a country planning to take over the word. Well then I asked her how have you managed to look so young aren't you almost 50. Her reply " well I have lots of secret potions".Well then she took me into her meeting room an explained the situation. " Back when I was 25 I came of age to rule the empire of Gerhanis and I agreed there was lots to do but when I wasn't here I tried to live a Normal life in Canada. And know this great country is ready to embark on a great crusade to bring the world together and great the largest empire ever next to that of Nazi Germany. I as Queen decided I would need someone to lead my armies and so because we seem fairly powerful I decided I need a commander of my armies. I though back to my younger days and remembered you so know I see you have chosen to lead my armies".  Well I said to her " Before we even think about leading off this country into conflict we must start by eliminating any small countries around us and start to pursue a foreign policy of somewhat aggression. But before any of this may take place I must spend a month surveying our army to find out what it is capable of and if it would be possible to even undertake a massive operation. She agreed with me and I was left to myself to plan the next few days. I called up all my generals so they could tell me about the army. The conference went well and it lasted 5 days. I came away very impressed after watching our training videos the generals never hid anything from me and told me every downfall of the army which none of them were very important. I then looked at the number of men under my command which resulted in around 4 million men an impressive army by my standards. Which resulted in around 200 divisions. The army contained 10,000 tanks of superior standard along with 1,000,000 aircraft throughout the air force. The navy was its only downfall with only one major port to work out of we would need to expand our borders along the water, for the navy contained only 10 destroyers and 25 corvettes, with around 20 smaller non combat vessels. This navy I knew could be destroyed by any major enemy we undertook. So after my month of touring I went  back to compare with our queen. After a meeting we decided to agree on our set terms and prepare for eventual conflict the Navy would be added onto slowly and the army would start receiving stores of ammunition and weapons. We agreed that our small neighbor to the south along the ocean who would give us 2 more naval bases seemed a nice candidate to knock off the map. I went and proposed this to the Generals everyone agreed it would be a worthwhile invasion. It seemed that no major power would try and defend, with only a tenth of the army of us it would be a certain victory. The high command went to work planning and plotting the course of the invasion by our estimates the battle would last at the most a week. The plan would work like this - On the 2 of September our foreign ambassador would declare war. At the same time planes of air group 1 and 3 would take off to provide air cover, ten minutes later groups 2,4,6 and 8 would launch bombers into the sky and start to bomb enemy installations. This would go on throughout the day always changing targets. During this time the army would move up enough to be hidden but able to attack. Then the next on the 3rd the army along the coast would hold up for another day while the inland armies would advance in to the country along its other borders. Thus waiting along the coast while advancing inland the country would be locked against our armies and the ocean. That way no troops could escape into other countries and the largest amount of prisoners taken. This would continue and after 2 days the coast army would advance. The operation should go smoothly and any enemy resistance would be bombed into submission. This would be the first of many planned great invasions for the country of Gerhanis.
The End 
Of Part I

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