Monday, December 21, 2009

Reflection Of 2009

In the year of 2009 I have done a lot. My Firsts, I drove the Baler by myself during harvest for most of the time, I also went to Calaway park there i went on my first big roller coaster ride. I also got to start a facebook account. This is also the year we kept every single calf for the winter instead of selling them. I went from the start of the year in grade 5 to grade 6 and I'm now half done school YAY. For harvest we used a grain bagger for the first time, for silaging we never did the barley field behind the yard for the first time, we drilled a new well behind the big shed and also built a new garden shed that is big enough to park the combine in. This year I also went to my Grandma and Grandpas 50th anniversary. My cousin, my sister, and me built a new section onto our tree fort and started building the attic. I saw the biggest barley crop we ever grew.

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  1. Wow, have you ever done a lot. I hope you keep reflecting on the great things you are learning and doing. Keep writing Clay. It's great to read.