Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Make A Fire

  1. Dig a hole with a shovel about half a foot deep.

  2. Find and put medium sized rocks around the hole.

  3. Collect smaller twigs and branches and put them beside the hole.

  4. Now collect some larger branches and put in the pile beside the hole.

  5. Find Some very dry leaves and grass and put them in the hole.

  6. Stand the sticks up in the hole in a triangular shape and fill in most of the sides.

  7. Put the grass and leaves in the triangle.

  8. Get out your matches.

  9. Light the matches on the striker on the side of the match box and put the match in the grass in the hole.

  10. If a little flame starts blow lightly on the on the grass and leaves from 30 centimetre's away from the flame.

  11. If the fire doesn't start redo steps 9and10.

  12. If the fire starts and the sticks light on fire add some more small sticks.

  13. If it is still going start adding the larger sticks and branches.

  14. Once the fire is going just keep slowly adding more branches, sticks and, logs.

  15. You can make the fire as big as you want. Just keep putting on larger logs and sticks.

Pictues of Camp Fire

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  1. Wow what an informational blog; I like it alot. I also like how you added the picture of a fire at the end. It always takes me a good 20 minutes to get my camping fire started!! Thanks for the tips.