Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite Book

My Favorite Book is Of Us And The Oxen.

Here are Ten Reasons this is my favorite book

  1. It's about a family who move to Alberta to start farming.

  2. The author talks about their problems and troubles.

  3. She talks about the boys going to school and collage .

  4. How they build the town of Talbot.

  5. The prarie fires she says they go to help fight.

  6. And the harsh prairie winters.

  7. Their first crop they grew and the harvesting .

  8. Raising their Cattle and caring for them.

  9. The Neighbors and Family that visit.

  10. The General store and blacksmith they visit.

The place this book takes place is Talbot Alberta and I have driven by the actual town.

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